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Data Management & Consulting 

J3 Approach As a company our first task is to learn and understand our client. After we have an understanding as to what is needed and identify your goals, we approach things from the bottom up. The last thing consulting companies what to face is the technology. Technology is our first objective. In laymen terms, we will not begin to create or design a template before we check server capacity. This approach limits unforeseen headaches as server traffic increases.
J3 Focus Our focus is on communication. The mixture of data, finance and technology can be complex, companies technology departments can often be departmentalized. By coordinating and communicating effectively we provide a path to solid solutions for your company.
Our Goals First and foremost our goal is to build good long standing relationships. Relationships come before contacting new clients and any financial goal. Secondly, we hope to build upon that relationship which helps both companies to foster and grow which is our long term goal as a business entity.

Pricing:  Please contact us to discuss you company's needs.

Data Management and Consulting
Telephone: +1 800 528 8239